Saturday, September 24, 2011

I ♥ New York, I ♥ Millinery

Those who follow me on Facebook or here at the blog will know that I have recently attended a three week course in couture millinery held in New York by the incredibly talented Anya Caliendo.  
The things I learnt and witnessed in the class were truly inspiring and I am madly creating and in production.  
These are my creations from the class - my little delights filled with New York memories that I will cherish forever ♥♥♥ not only for what they taught me in millinery terms and how they have lead to my growth as a milliner and a person but they are also my expressions of gratitude for having a dream and actually being able to take steps to realising it.  
Each piece taught specific techniques and some also unexpected skills in mountaineering ;-))) coz boy did I feel like I'd reached the summit and could do an air pump when I made that final stitch on one of them in particular ;-)))))  We also got to use some of the most exquisite materials and were very spoilt but some really beautiful pieces were created over the summer.  
New York 2011
My first piece Butterflies on Barbed Wire - I love the contrast of hard and soft (good and bad) of this piece.

Mimi in Manhattan - This girl taught me a thing or two that’s for sure!!!

Secret Garden - named after all the wonderful community gardens scattered throughout New York, their beauty is to behold.

Golden Days - A Turban for my golden days in New York!

Flirty Eyes - A fun and flirty top hat inspired by a friendship formed on my recent New York trip ...a toast to a new friend pays homage to her love of burlesque inspired design and lingerie using crin and ribbon trim

I also have another piece under construction but you will see that in a future collection :-)  
How I'm loving this My Millinery Adventure! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hats and new found friends

I have recently been in New York to study millinery with leading global milliner Anya Caliendo.

The whole experience which includes a close encounter with a raccoon, an earthquake, a hurricane and subsequent evacuation (yep my birthday was spent with the Red Cross and 100+ friends I didn’t know where coming to my party;-) We met the most amazing beautiful people in the shelter Maree, Diana & Carl, Kathy & Carl, Irene & Gloria the hurricane sisters (well mother and daughter but how is that for freaky that they are both named after the two hurricanes that have come to NY) Sharon, Venus and all the wonderful red cross staff ♥

Then the whole last week without power in the house I was staying (so NY camping style aka cold showers brrrr!! and lots of candles (one needs a little light in order to pour ones wine without too much spillage - loving the Apothic Red yummm). Many fantastic trips into Manhattan, shopping in the most amazing trim and fabric shops and of course the obligatory touristy stuff :-)

All this action topped off with learning couture millinery skills from such a truly amazingly talented artist and working amongst such beauty at the atelier. 

As if my experience wasn’t already rich enough I shared the house and my whole NY adventure with the most incredible person I now call friend :-)  An adventure girl with the most beautiful soul and nature (I don’t think there could have been anyone on the planet that would have been more perfect to share a millinery dream with so thank you Fielden!) I am just so blessed and grateful for every single part of my NY escapade.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Winter Inspiration

This headwear doesn’t necessarily have to be worn when the skies are bleak, the days short and the air cool but my inspiration for this piece was stormy waters. I love the wild movement, power and colours of the water.  

I'm also loving the colours and movement in the waves of this gorgeous photo called Active Water available on Etsy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yellow inspiration on a rainy Monday

The day is dull and wet and needs some serious brightening up I say! So how about a little yellow to make us feel like the sun is shining down on us today.

I say start at the top, so how about this for some yellow headwear

Add a fab dress
and a gorgeous vintage inspired shoe

Suddenly I feel the day just got a whole lot brighter :)

Have a great Monday!

Headwear - Gorgie Millinery yellow felt with vintage brooch and coque feather trim $195
Milly Dress -
Lamb shoes -

Friday, April 8, 2011

Animal Print Accessories

I’m loving all the animal print accessories that are available right now.  Accessories are a great way to get an on trend look without breaking the bank and for those not brave enough to do a full on animal print dress here’s just a few ways you can get a little bit of leopard into your collection this season.  

Witchery print scarf, Gorgie Millinery headpiece, Wittner wedge boot, Bardot clutch, Miss Rockabilly hair bows, Joanne Mercer ballet flats and belt from Frockaholics